In collaboaration with The Henry Ford Museum, our team of designers were granted access to the expansive non public archives of the museum to take inspiartion from the countless type specimens found on everything from old publications, the carvings on wooden wheels, vintage games, to old toasters. Documenting as much as we could we then all individually categorized and narrowed down to find specimens to inspire our own typeface design. I was pulled towards a range of script, blackletter, and fraktur fonts. After a lot of hand sketching and quick digital prototyping the typeface started to move towards a modular system comprised of a base kit of parts that could be used to create a consistent family throughhout both the upper and lowercase alphabet.

The final product became a modern take on traditional blacketter forms. The thin sharp points of the serif lead the typeface to be named ‘Sterretje’ after the Dutch word for asterisk and star, an ode to both the typeface and my second language.

Type Design


The Henry Ford Museum